Social Media. Yes, it really is all about good content.

The 50/40/10 Rule of Social Media Content

Yes, it really is all about good content.

Beavercreek Marketing wants to help you connect with consumers and strongly believes that the top types of useful, engaging content are those that focus on education and community.

Content suggestions – The 50/40/10 goal

Beavercreek Marketing thinks you can set yourself apart by following the 50/40/10 Content Plan:

  • 50% educational

  • 40% community

  • 10% promotional

    You want people to remember your site and the best way to do that is create content that is meaningful to them and relevant to the things your institution stands for and the services it provides.

    Focusing on financial education topics such as saving, spending and safety helps consumers view you as the experts on money matters, and also allows you meet regulatory requirements.

    Community is your way to connect
    to a place and its people. This type of content can include information about charitable giving and focusing on the

accomplishments of businesses and
local residents. The key here is to encourage involvement, acknowledge accomplishments and let people know that you care about them.

The last piece of the content mix is promotion. While you’ll certainly want to note new products, features or services, overdoing this is a sure way to turn people off in the world of social media. Choose wisely when to blatantly promote yourself.

Here are some content topic ideas:


Smart consumers will better understand why banks and credit unions are important to them and the money they save and borrow ... that’s why educational content is important. This is the type of content consumers might want to share with others.

Topic ideas include:

  • Smart money: Around holidays or vacation times, make good use of video and text content about saving, using bank or credit cards wisely, and the importance of paying bills on time.

  • Buying a home: As real estate news falls into the spotlight, use pieces about saving for a home, the importance of credit reports, or advice on purchasing a house.

  • Saving for school: When school starts
    or finishes for the year it is always a good time to give consumers information about saving for college and what their options are.

  • Protecting privacy: Identity theft is always an important topic - use your educational material about it to teach people to keep private information safe.

    To help you meet requirements to
    provide financial education to consumers, Beavercreek Marketing has created Money IQ, a package of professionally produced videos and articles. Topics range from saving money to protecting against identity theft, with new content being added each month.

    To get pricing information and product details about Money IQ,