Zelle® Marketing tools


Zelle® Video and Click-Thru Demos

Available to subscribers of the Online Education Center, these click-thru and video demos are deeply branded for your financial institution.  These tools make for excellent content for marketing, and for educating your account holders and staff.  Contact your Fiserv representative about contracting the Online Education Center or submit a question to Beavercreek using the form below.  


Interactive Video Player
Interactive Video Player
Interactive Video Player

Interactive Click-Thru Demos

Perfect for increasing engagement in your branches, your website and for staff education. The Zelle® Click-Thru Demo is a one-to-one replication of your financial institutions installation of Zelle®. It can be integrated into your other click-thru demos, such as Fiserv online and mobile banking platforms, as well as CheckFree® RXP®. 

Print, digital design and Fulfillment

Our team of talented designers, coordinators and copywriters will work with you on creating marketing pieces you will be proud to show your account holders, future account holders and staff. 

  • Lobby Displays: Print and Digital

  • Brochures

  • Direct Mail: Design, Printing and Fulfillment 

  • Email: Design and fully managed

  • Web Banners and Online Ads