OEC Banking Solution Center

New tools for maximizing your Online Education Center.

A dramatic shift in digital banking is happening with COVID-19. Right now, it’s time to think bigger and move quicker with your digital banking adoption… and make it stick. It’s all about teaching, rather than selling. We’ll show you how using your Online Education Center videos and our new marketing templates.

Watch a recording of our in-depth training session to help guide you through the proven best practices to increase adoption using your Online Education Center video tutorials, click-thru demos, and digital marketing tools. We’ll demonstrate precisely how to deliver effective video education. 

Marketing Templates


OEC subscribers now have access to a wide series of free templates featuring the new Banking Solution Center landing pages, with video emails, video social posts, and web banner ads to promote learning. In the end, the goal must be to provide users with the information they want, when and where they need it. To access your materials log onto www.oectours.com or click the link below.