Integrated Email System

Complete Communication
from you, for them. 
What is the

Integrated Email System

At its foundation, the integrated email system is a communication tool that allows you to not only stay in contact with your clients, but to distribute a combination of your own content and Beavercreek Marketing materials. Combine newsletters and your individual material with our content to reach your customers every step of the way.

Beavercreek Integration

Email is still one of the best ways to communicate with clients and market new products or services; but in the time of the ever-growing inbox, how can you stand out? Using our integration tools, we transform your email into a service that combines automation, comprehensive videos, newsletters, and targeted demographics into one central location for communication and promotion.

Even More Benefits

Whether you are promoting new content or keeping your customers informed on what’s happening at your financial institution, the integrated email system is a strong and customized solution.

Use Administration settings to make sure everything you send is previewed and approved

All our emails are CAN-SPAM sanctioned and protected

Use built-in video to demonstrate new products and promotions