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What are

Web Embeds?

We want to make the distribution and demonstration of our content easy to view and even easier to use, which is why we offer all our video content directly through a web embed system. This allows us to host and update the video, click-thru demos, and MoneyiQ content directly on your website, giving you complete control of the visual, with of the hassle of the upkeep.

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Interactive Video Player

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Branded For You

Our proprietary web embed codes offer quick and engaging delivery of your Online Education Content. Embedding videos helps you stand out from other companies, keeping your communications consistently updated if you add a feature or move to a new version of a product, delivering all the key information the audience needs. Our OEC Web Services Coordinator will work directly with you, customizing the embedded content and shaping it to align with your branding guidelines.

Even More Benefits

The Web Embed system lets our servers do the heavy lifting, helping to keep yours running smooth.

All the content is easy to implement and easy to access, simplifying the lives of your employees and your clients.

Embeds allow users to view Beavercreek resources within your own website environment, removing the need to use an external link or “external content" disclaimer.

The embed codes meet, and continually follow, ADA compliancy standards.