Lobby Display

All of your content,
none of the upkeep
What is the

Lobby Display?

Keep your brand presence at the forefront of the client experience, with the brandable and powerful capabilities of the lobby display. Rearrange your content with a variety of layout combinations, utilizing a branded border to educate and inform, while reminding the audience that this helpful and informative information is made possible through your institution.

Video Content

The Beavercreek Marketing subscription package opens the doors to a dynamic video education platform, which works directly with the Lobby Display. By blending eye-catching graphics with ever-evolving information, the MoneyIQ and OEC tutorials from BCM let you showcase a new banking product or keep clients up to date on the latest financial and cyber security news from directly within your lobby.


Lobby displays of the past were static, requiring manual updating and employee time spent on researching and producing new content. Our live updating widget shows the latest information at any given point in the day, making your lobby a central hub for news updates, weather alerts, and your essential financial information.


Getting access to the all-inclusive lobby display is as simple as downloading the application from the Apple App Store, loading in your login information, and then selecting what you want to display. Once that initial set up process is complete, you can sit back and relax, as the display continually updates, letting your customers stay informed and ready for whatever comes next in their financial lives.