Award Winning
Social Media Manager

Selected as the winner of the MarTech Breakthrough Award for Best Overall Social Media Management Platform.
What is the

Social Media Manager

Forget the days of trying to perfectly time your next post, reach just the right audience, or dedicate staff time to managing all those social media sites. Our Social Media Manager changes the way you interact with your online presence: scheduling your posts, managing your content, targeting your demographics, keeping your institution active across places and platforms.

Brand Management

Develop a proactive attitude to your social media presence by using analytics and auto notifications to focus your posts and respond to users instantly. Don’t let concerns over negative engagement keep you from making your presence known. Notification settings allow you to instantly respond to user engagement, making sure to address any unforeseen interactions.

Even More Benefits

Whether you are promoting new content or keeping your customers informed on what’s happening at your financial institution, the integrated email system is a strong and customized solution.

Post easily without the hassle of hiring a social media manager.

Use the content library to unify your posts in design and aesthetic no matter where or when you post.

The education center can help you delve into the options at your disposal, explaining the various settings and ways which you can post.

Administration approval settings let you preview every post before it goes out, making sure you retain ultimate control over your online presence.